Bikes & Packing

Below we have put together a list of the equipment we provide you with. Good quality is important to us. From experience we know what works and what doesn’t. When you see the equipment beforehand as listed here, you will know what to expect and what is included in the tour. Have a look!



Our bikes are from Focus, made in Germany. Model Jarifa Plus Pro. The tires are a bit wider than usual (2.6 inch) so gravel roads will feel smoother. Engine and battery are from reliable Bosch. Charge time is about 6 hours. You can remove the battery for charging. Range is 50-100 km. It even has a walk assist if you have to push the bike uphill.
We will give you a GPS navigator. No more stopping at every intersection and searching for the right place on the paper map. You can enjoy the views instead. Just follow the predefined route on the GPS. Easy!
You have a small computer on the handlebar which controls the motor. It shows basic data like speed and range. With the “+” and “-“ buttons  you can switch between different support modes. These range from “Eco” to “Turbo”.
The stem is adjustable so you can choose your preferred riding position. Relaxed and upright or low and sporty.
The saddle is a basic stock saddle from Focus. It works fine for most people but if you want you can always bring your own.
Under the saddle you have a small bag with basic tools for tire repair. Included: tube, patch kit, tire levers, multitool.
On the rear rack you will carry all your stuff. You have three possibilities: 1. A waterproof bag (20l) 2. Panniers (2x20l) 3. Both a bag and panniers. It’s your choice. Usually on a tour less is more. Panniers are very easy to click on and off the rack. A bag is maybe a bit more silent on rough roads. NOTE: If you have extra stuff you can leave that with us for the duration of your tour.
The lock, drinking bottle and pump are all attached to the bike frame.
The bike has normal flat pedals. If you wish, we can install Shimano clippless pedals.
A charger must fit inside one of your bags.



Photos: Timo Leppäharju &  Happy eBikers © Happy eBikers 2017.