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Call, email or use the form below to contact us. As you can see from the map, we are very conveniently situated along the major western branch of the Helsinki railway. Trains run with intervals of 5-10 min. The unique Central Park forest is just a two minute bike ride away. When you get off at the Huopalahti station, walk 100m south to the white three storey house. See you!

Happy eBikers

Haagan pappilantie 3 B, Finland
Tel. +358 40 1937 100
Skype: HappyeBikers
email: info(at)happyebikers.com

How to find us?

From airport, take I-train (as in Ice) and get off at Huopalahti station. Journey time 25 min.

From Helsinki Centre, take trains P, A, E, L, U, X, Y and get off at Huopalahti station. Journey time 5-10 min.

You must buy a ticket before boarding the train.


Happy Ebikers



Photos: Timo Leppäharju &  Happy eBikers © Happy eBikers 2017.