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About our tours

planning bike tours

We love planning ebike tours for you. Our main goal is that you will have a memorable tour and everything will work as planned. Because of our considerable bike touring experience, we do some things differently compared to mainstream operators. We know the ingredients of a good tour. Please read on.

About our tours


We always ride our routes before offering them to you. We want to make sure we have included best possible scenery and sights. When possible, we avoid cars and use quiet roads and tracks. Don’t worry though, it’s nothing “extreme”. If there are technical or rough sections, they are never long and we will tell you this beforehand.  Also, inevitably there will sometimes be busier stretches of road.

Point of Interests (POI’s)

With a paper map, you wouldn’t really know much about the attractions along your route. Our GPS navigator shows you nearby shops, sights, restaurants and much more.


We offer phone support AND technical support. It’s very rare that our customer would have any difficulties, but if something should happen, we will have a back-up plan ready.

Customized tours

If our ready-made tours don’t fit your plans or schedule, contact us and we will arrange your next ebike adventure. Please note that customized tours are not always ridden beforehand by us. However, you can be sure that they are professionally planned.


We use a wide selection of hotels and guesthouses, depending on availability. This gives us flexibility and we can serve you better. On remote tours, we may sometimes use local homes. These arrangements will of course be agreed beforehand with you.


Our ebikes are top quality electric mountain bikes (e-mtb’s). They are comfortable to ride on gravel and tracks. The tires are extra wide, this adds “cushioning” to your ride.


All equipment is tried and tested on tours around the world. And it’s all included in the price.

GPS navigator

We like paper maps a lot but for cycling a GPS navigator works much better. You can concentrate on the surrounding countryside and let the navigator find the route. Another benefit is more detailed routing. With a navigator, it’s easier to plan great routes in interesting places. 

No baggage transfer

We believe best tours are independent tours. There is an electric motor on your ebike so you can transfer your baggage yourself. You don’t have to rely on a truck to do that. Mother Nature says thank you! Even better, we can arrange tours every day and without minimum group sizes.

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