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Helsinki Eastern Loop E-Bike Tour

Finland 100 bike tour

East of Helsinki we have a lot of traditional farming landscapes but also dense protected forests. A lot of elks and deer roam here. Your e-bike tour starts with some excellent cycling along Helsinki Central Park forest tracks. Lake Tuusulanjärvi is renowned for its natural beauty and old artist villas. Cycle on quiet country roads and visit small towns. Porvoo Old Town is one of the best preserved wooden villages in Finland. Quench your thirst with some first-class craft beer from local breweries. Now that sounds like a great cycling holiday! Note: This tour was accepted into the “Finland100” -program, to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence in 2017.

Helsinki Eastern Loop E-Bike Tour

  • Start/end: Helsinki, Happy eBikers office
  • Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
  • Highlights: Central Park forest paths, Tuusulanjärvi Lake and old villas, traditional farmland and forests, Porvoo old town, Eastern Helsinki coastal views, Viikki arboretum and bird sanctuary…
  • Self-guided (GPS)
  • Difficulty: Easy, normal fitness is enough
  • May-September, Mon-Sun, time 09:00 morning
  • Price 490 eur/person, sharing a room. Single room is 30 eur/night extra.


  • High quality electric bike, GPS, bike bags, other bike equipment
  • Pre-planned route
  • Points of Interest (POI’s)
  • Accommodations: Bed & Breakfast style
  • Phone support
  • Technical support level: B (see “Info”). Happy eBikers staff will assist you.

Not included

  • Insurances
  • Meals or drinks (Breakfast is included)
  • Tickets to museums, cruises or such
  • Flight tickets
  • Baggage transfers (Not needed with e-bikes! You will carry your luggage in two waterproof bike bags, and leave extra stuff with us)
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Day 1 (50 km)

Please arrive at our office at 9:00 so we can prepare your bikes. After all is set you will head for the Central Park forest trails. Cycling north,  you soon enter the Haltiala fields. Real countryside feeling and even some cattle here. Be sure to stop for coffee or lunch at Wanha Pehtoori cafe. The track continues along Kerava River. In the Lake Tuusulanjärvi region you will cycle along the famous lakeside road. Some nice cafes and villas here. Many of Finland’s most prominent artists used to spend time here in the early 1900’s. Check your battery charge level and top up if necessary. Overnight in Järvenpää region.

Day 2 (40-50 km)

Continue east along quiet country roads. Stop in Pornainen for lunch and check out the beautiful stone church. After some kilometers along forest roads the Porvoonjoki river valley starts. This is one of the Finnish National Landscapes. For hundreds of years people have lived here. The trail follows the river and eventually you reach Porvoo. Old Porvoo is also listed in the National Landscapes. And rightfully so, it is well preserved and has an aura of times gone by. Visit some of the quaint cafes and restaurants. Overnight in Porvoo region.

Day 3 (45 km)

Morning starts with relaxed cycling along the river and down to the Baltic Sea. It’s very peaceful and you can observe some yachting harbours on the way. Drive through countryside towns to Sipoo.  If you’re hungry, there are some good lunch restaurants near town center. Take a look inside the impressive old church from 16th century. Then it’s time to cycle south, following the Sipoo river valley. If it’s a warm day, you may want to stop by Lake Pilvijärvi. There is a delightful small beach and swimming is possible. You can also rent kayaks near the river delta. Overnight in Sipoo region.

Day 4 (45 km)

In the morning you will drive west along the coast. As you approach Helsinki, the trail will take you on cycling paths very near the water’s edge. Take your time and enjoy the views. Stop for a coffee in old Puotila mansion. In the afternoon you will reach Viikki protected bird habitat and arboretum, where you will find over 400 species of trees and shrubs. Climb one of the bird watching towers. This is a real oasis on the outskirts of Central Helsinki. As you exit the protected area, stop for a moment by the Vanhakaupunki rapids. This is where Helsinki was founded in year 1550. There is a very good restaurant by the water. Finish the day at our office and hand over the e-bikes.

Bike tour Finland
Ebike tour Finland
Ebike tour Finland

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