Various Information

Below we have gathered various information we think you will find useful. Please read it through. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, you can always contact us via the contact form on “Contact us” page.

Booking & Payment

Here is how you book and pay for your tour:

  1. Choose your e-bike tour package, read through the description and click “Send Request”
  2. A booking form appears. Please fill in all required information. Then click “SEND”
  3. We will then make sure the accommodation is ok for the days you booked (If there is no accommodation available, we will suggest different dates or alternative routes for you).
  4. You will receive by email an invoice and a link to our secure webshop.
  5. In the webshop you can pay with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Finnish online banks.
  6. After payment you will receive a receipt by email.

About our tours

Please read this important info about our tours.

Riding an E-Bike
  • It’s an exhilarating experience to ride an e-bike. And it’s easy. Below you can find some tips & tricks to get the most out of your tour.
  • When you get to your hotel, detach the battery from the bike, take it to your room and start charging it. This is important. If you forget, the next day will be hard.
  • Never drop the battery. Carry it like it was a baby.
  • Our e-bikes are not “throttle only”. You need to use your legs and work together with the motor. There are four levels of support, from “Eco” to “Turbo”.
  • It is possible to ride the bikes with the motor off. On even ground this is quite ok, but in the hills you will feel the weight of the bike.
  • You should use the gears as you would on a normal bike. Start on a small gear. This will conserve the energy reserves in the battery. Keep your cadence up.
  • Finally, there are many factors that influence battery life. Rider weight, assistance level, baggage, wind, tire pressure, road conditions, etc. That’s why it’s impossible to say exactly how many kilometers of assistance you will get from the motor. In difficult mountains maybe 40km, and on level road with some tailwind maybe 120km. Keep an eye on the computer, it will give you a rough estimate.
What to Pack?

When the sun is shining you probably won’t need much else than shorts and a t-shirt. But when it rains or you are riding in mountain regions, it can get chilly.

  • Waterproof jacket is a must
  • Water/windproof trousers are optional, unless it’s really cold
  • Rain ponchos are not very useful, they are difficult to use in high winds
  • A bandanna is good for shielding your neck/head against the sun
  • Padded biking gloves will give some extra comfort
  • Padded underwear or biking shorts will keep your sit bones happy
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Comfortable shoes
Support levels

We want you to have a relaxing ebike tour. That’s why we offer technical support, if you have problems with your bike. However, we strongly recommend that everyone buying a tour that lasts for several days knows how to fix a flat tire.

In case of illness or injury, we will inform you of nearest medical facility, or use our car to transport you to such facility.

Please find below our support levels:

Level A
Full support on guided tours. This means that your guide will fix your bike.

Level B
We will drive our car to your position and fix your bike. This will usually take 2-3 hours. If needed (eg. it is very late), we can then drive you to your next hotel.

Level C
Distance based cost. We will drive our car to your position and fix your bike. You will pay us according to distance we have driven from our base to your position.

0-50 km = no cost
50 -100 km = 100 eur
100 -300 km = 150 eur

This will take several hours.

We might also use local subcontractors to help you. Or we will advise you to take a taxi to local mechanic.

If the technical malfunction is clearly not related to usage of bike (eg. seized bearings, cracked frame, or such), we will not charge you.

If needed (eg. it is very late), we can then drive you to your next hotel.

NOTE: On some tours, we use tracks or paths for small sections of route. In case of a technical problem during these sections, you are required to push the bike to the closest road.

Terms and Conditions

Happy eBikers = ”operator”

Happy eBikers is a registered ( 1303/16/Mj) package travel agency under the supervision of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. Happy eBikers has given the required security, which will cover customers’ payments in case of bankruptcy or such.

Happy eBikers applies the General Terms for Package Tours negotiated between The Association of Finnish Travel Agents and the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. In addition to these terms, we apply the terms here below.

Customer’s responsibilities before travel

  • Get appropriate travel documents
  • Get insurance (we recommend getting insurance with cancellation coverage)
  • Get appropriate inoculations and medicines
  • Get all needed gear for tour (apart from the gear the operator has specifically stated to be included in the package)
  • Assess one’s health and fitness and the suitability of those to the tour in question
  • Operator is not responsible for any problems due to customer’s neglect of above responsibilities

Booking of tour

  • Tours must be booked through website
  • Tours cannot be booked if there are less than 5 days to start of tour (exception: tours without accommodation)

Paying for tour

  • Customer will receive by email an invoice and a link to our payment platform
  • The payment shall be carried out primarily through our payment platform
  • If customer decides to pay in some other way, he is obliged to inform the operator by email at
  • Customer understands that not paying through our payment platform might slow down the delivery process
  • If tour is booked when there are 30 days or less to start of tour, payment must be done through our payment platform

Payment schedule

  • Booking fee of 80 euros shall be paid immediately after the operator has confirmed the booking by email
  • Contract is in effect when booking fee is paid
  • Contractual obligations bind, in addition to the booker himself, also all other persons included in the booking
  • Final payment shall be paid no later than 30 days before start of tour
  • If there are less than 45 days to the start of tour, total sum shall be paid at once

Included in price

  • Bike and gear mentioned on our website
  • GPS navigator
  • Pre-planned route
  • Accommodation
  • Phone support 08:00 – 20:00
  • Technical support: as mentioned in tour packages

Not included in price

  • Plane tickets
  • Other transportation tickets (if not otherwise stated in tour packages)
  • Insurances
  • Visas
  • Other travel documents
  • Transport of luggage
  • Guide services (if not otherwise stated in tour packages)
  • Meals (breakfasts are usually included)
  • Drinks


  • Customer takes part in our tours at his own risk
  • Customers under age 18 can only take part when supervised by a competent adult

Tour contract and deposit

  • Before starting the tour, customer must read, accept and sign a tour contract which states his responsibilities and liabilities
  • Customer must present a valid proof of identity, such as an original passport
  • Customer must present a credit card (the details will be copied). Exception: day tours.


  • Customer has total responsibility for his luggage under whole tour
  • Customer will transport his luggage on the rack of his bike
  • Operator is not liable for damaged, lost or stolen luggage

Cancellations and modifications before tour

  • If we have not received payment in our bank account within 7 days of payment deadline, we have the right to cancel the tour
  • If booking is done when there are 21 days or less to start of tour, payment must be in our bank account within 24 hours of the moment we sent the email containing the payment link. If this is not the case, we have the right to cancel the tour
  • Operator has the right to change the route and accommodation, so long as this does not significantly affect the nature of the tour
  • Operator has the right to cancel the tour, when weather conditions so dictate. Customer will then be offered a similar tour or payments will be returned
  • Customer has the following rights of cancellation, when days to start of tour are:
    • More than 30 days: we will charge booking fee
    • 30-21 days: we will charge 25% of tour price or at least booking fee
    • 20-8 days: we will charge 50% of tour price or at least booking fee
    • 7-0 days or “no show”: we will charge 100% of tour price
  • Cancellation day is the day we receive notice of cancellation
  • Customer must inform us of cancellation without delay
  • Changing the number of participants in the booking to smaller is considered a cancellation and thus the above-mentioned customer’s cancellation rights and percentages will be applied
  • Customer has the right to cancel the tour and get full refund in case the tour date or content is changed substantially
  • Customer has the right to cancel the tour and get partial refund (as per above percentages), if he is affected by an unexpected and serious incident. Proof of this must be presented immediately
  • Customer has the right to change the starting date of tour at latest 30 days before start of tour, provided this is possible with regards to accommodation and bike capacity
  • Changes asked by customer are not always possible to carry out and operator has no responsibility to carry them out
  • Customer will be charged a 80 eur office fee for implemented changes to tour


  • Customer buys his own flight tickets
  • Customer is responsible for carefully checking the flight schedules
  • Operator has no liability for costs which result from flight related problems

Other modes of transportation

  • Customer buys his own transportation tickets, unless otherwise stated in tour package description
  • Customer is responsible for carefully checking the timetables
  • Operator has no liability for costs which result from public transportation problems


  • Operator has no liability for costs which result from customer being late

Physical condition and driving a bicycle

  • Customer has full responsibility for not booking a too demanding tour for himself
  • Customer understands that accidents may happen while driving a bicycle
  • Driving our bicycles under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden

Broken/lost/stolen bicycles and materials

  • Customer is responsible for locking our bicycle to a solid object
  • Customer is responsible for removing theft-prone parts (eg. battery, GPS) from the bicycle for night time
  • Customer understands that he is liable for all costs (up to excess, 500 EUR) which result from broken/lost/stolen bicycles, any of its parts or other material belonging to operator

Fixing the bicycle

  • Operator will provide technical support as stated in the tour packages
  • Customer understands that it may take some time before technical support is available
  • Customer is strongly encouraged to learn the skill of fixing a punctured tire and broken chain


  • Operator uses accommodation which represents middle standard


  • Customer is responsible for giving up-to-date contact details, so he can be reached during tour
  • Phone should be kept open and charged
  • Operator offers phone support between 08:00 – 20:00


  • Customer is responsible for complying with local laws, regulations and manners

Advise and guidelines

  • Operator will advise the customer to the best of his ability
  • Customer is responsible for obeying operators advise and reading all guidelines in the operator’s website
  • Operator has no liability for costs which result from customer not obeying operator’s advise
  • Customer is liable for all costs and damages which result from customer not obeying operator’s advice and guidelines

Accidents and illness

  • In case of accident or illness, operator is responsible for helping the customer, for example informing him of nearest hospital or doctor
  • Customer must compensate for expenses of operator’s assistance
  • Operator has no responsibility for customer’s illness or accident. These include traffic accidents, falling, acts of violence, strain injuries, accidents caused by technical malfunctions, acute illnesses or worsening of chronic illnesses
  • Customer is liable for all accident and illness related costs, and thus we recommend getting a good insurance coverage

Cancellation of on-going tour

  • Operator has the right to cancel a tour, if:
    • Customer is under influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Customer has mental problems
    • Customer is clearly not capable of driving a bicycle safely
    • Customer is over the weight limit of operator’s bicycles
    • Customer does not properly take care of operator’s material, bicycles, etc.
    • Customer does not obey operator’s advice
    • Customer suffers from repetitive technical malfunctions which require attendance from operator
    • Above mentioned reasons do not entitle the customer for compensations or payment returns
  • Customer has the right to cancel a tour, if:
    • Content of tour is clearly something other than what was agreed. In this case customer is entitled to full refund
    • Customer feels that he does not want to continue the tour, for example because of injury or lack of motivation. In this case customer is not entitled to refund

Force majeure

  • Tour might be cancelled because of war, natural disaster or abnormally bad weather
  • In this case customer is not entitled to refunds

Right to change route and accommodation

  • Operator has the right to change route and accommodation, if weather conditions so dictate


  • Errors and defects should be brought to attention at once, so they can be amended already during tour
  • Claims must be given in writing no later than 2 months from end of tour



Photos: Timo Leppäharju &  Happy eBikers © Happy eBikers 2017.